How the MLS® System works in Ontario

The MLS® System works beautifully, providing a comprehensive and reliable way for Buyers to find a suitable home.

Details of properties for sale are posted (listed) on the MLS® System by licensed real estate sales representatives and brokers. The home owner is charged a commission by the brokerage for which the listing agent works. It is usual for the home owner to agree to make a portion of this commission available to any licensed salesperson who represents a Buyer.

The Buyer’s agent is fundamental to the capability of the system to expose a listed property to as many potential Buyers as possible. A Buyer’s agent can identify a comprehensive list of suitable homes to see literally one after the other using the agent’s authority to access the homes using the secure lock box system. It often would be impractical for Buyers to see all of the potential homes by making individual appointments with the Sellers or their agent. We, therefore, recommend that the Seller pay a commission to the Buyer’s agent on closing, making it as easy as possible to show their home.

The System provides a balance between sales people who list homes in such a way as to make them appealing and those who represent a Buyer using their expertise in matching suitable homes to their clients.

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